Adjustable LED Lighting To Improve Work Efficiency

- Jan 31, 2018-

Innogy, an energy company, has installed LED lighting systems at its headquarters in the Czech republic, adjusting lighting with the principle of circadian rhythms and improving the spirit of employees at a specific time.

In the light of natural comfort, it can improve the efficiency of the whole work and increase the energy of the employees. The concept of changing the light and darkness with the rest of the people is called the lighting.

The office at innogy's Czech headquarters has 2,000 LED lights, about 1,000 adjustable LED lamps that adjust the intensity and tone of light at different times.

Innogy Czech explain facilities and services, senior manager, at the beginning of a day, the office will be in a natural light to improve the staff's spirit, and the intensity of the natural light can be weaken slowly, until after lunch lights turn weak to strong to enhance employees' energy again. According to its internal investigation, 80% of employees believe that the adjustable lighting system is better than the previous one.

In LED adjustable system with a 150 sensors, these sensors can detect whether the regional office somebody, if an area is automatically turn off the light, no one to save electricity, innogy Czech headquarters office and therefore save about 50% of its electricity.