Led Driver Power Features(2)

- Nov 22, 2018-

Led Driver Power Features(2):

(5) surge protection

The anti-surge capability of LED is relatively poor, especially the anti-reverse voltage capability. It is also important to strengthen protection in this regard. Some LED lights are installed outdoors, such as LED street lights. Due to the triggering and lightning stroke of power grid load, various surges will be intruded from power grid system, and some surges will lead to the damage of LED. Therefore, the analysis of "Zhongke Huibao" drive power supply in surge protection should have certain deficiencies, and as for the frequent replacement of power supply and lamps, the LED drive power supply should have the ability to suppress the invasion of surge and protect the LED from damage.

(6) protection function

In addition to conventional protection functions, it is better to add negative feedback of LED temperature in constant current output to prevent excessive temperature of LED, and to meet the requirements of safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility.

Advantages and disadvantages of integral constant current and step-by-step constant current working mode.

Compared with the overall constant current, the circuit-by-circuit constant current has many disadvantages and high cost. But it can really protect and prolong the life of LED, so constant current is the future trend.